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Facial treatments for men

Skin rejuvenating services specifically for men.

Men often ignore their skin. We can help you fix that.

Our facial services for men soften and hydrate your skin, so you can look younger, reduce pore size, and clear up damaged skin.

Facials for men at Brazilia Skin Care

Why facials benefit men:

  • Shaving: Shaving can produce irritation on your skin. Regular facial treatments can help minimize irritation, breakouts and ingrown hairs.

  • Impurities and large pores (especially on the nose): Facials can remove impurities and cleanse pores, making your skin look and feel healthier.

  • Wrinkles are a natural part of aging. Proper facial treatments can ease the wrinkling process. Keep looking sexy and youthful.

It's manly to get facials!

Coupon for Men's Facial

Coupon for Men's Facial

The best treatment for your skin!

Facials for Men
Men’s Facial Therapy
  • Massage. Yes, massage. And it’s very relaxing.
  • Deep cleanse. Wash, scrub, steam.
  • Extractions. If needed. Your skin will look great!
  • Mask, Moisturizer, Sunscreen. And you’re out the door in about 60 minutes!
Facial Ingrown Remedy
Microdermabrasion Session
Extreme exfoliation to help remove dead skin cells, clearing up ingrown hairs and preventing more from coming. 30 minutes.

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